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Monday, 4 July 2016

Easy ways to Earn Money Fast

Well I am starting of this Topic in an usual way and i am really sorry to disappoint you for that but its important before starting This topic because Today on internet there are tons and Millions of articles regarding How to Earn or 8 ways to Earn Money and lot of other stuff . Thing is how my article will be so much different from all others, well we will discuss it in a second.

First of all let me tell what stuff i am referring to.....

So You want to earn Money and You go to Google to search for the best available options and what you will get.

Well i could see is getting confused and whether it will go as a hit is not pretty sure, well as a matter of fact that depend upon market and stuff but we don't have to go that way so sticking to the image, The image shows here ways to make money online and 40 easy ways to earn money and let me tell you a few of those ....

Selling your Plasma to some private clinic and i consider it one of the dumbest ideas because your body is Gift to you and you don't have to risk your health for it


Baby Sitting, well its way better but at the end of the day you are get paid well so its of the Table.

Well I have deeply looked into the Topic and as far as i am concerned its not that easy to earn because there are certain policies you have to follow when you are asking for a proper full time business on internet.

So i have devised a Plan and for those who are having some backup Plan#1 will be for them and Plan#2  and rest is for those who don't have enough money and want to earn from internet without any investment.

Well Sorry for wasting your time on the Shi* i now shall commence.

( For those who don't want to invest any money skip to Plan#2 )

Plan # 1

It is for those who some cash and want to put it in a proper place so they could start some successful business.

You know and its a common saying that "It is better to work smartly then to work Hard" so, I have been looking into Projects in the Kick starters and guess what they are amazing and the stuff and unique ideas they are coming up with are really Mind Blowing.

If you don't want to heavily invest because it sounds like You are taking a big Risk so let me assure You that those Projects so catchy that any ordinary Man or woman can't resist and want to try out those and that's why Kick starters is a huge success and much of its Projects are already sold out within first few week's of its Launch Date.

Let me give you an Example of a Couple of Projects

1: The 2 Week Tattoo. As appealing as it sounds, The Project was a success and and over a thousand orders were made within first week so investing in this Type of Idea is win win situation.

You can Buy the Original Formula fromGet ink Box

2: ZNAPS - Connection is just a snap awayThis is a life saving Gadget used to connect Smartphones with charger using a Magnet bar for those who know its worth and its not available in Market yet but you can order a few copies and get it From ZNAPS Teams and  

3: The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. Well you can get a few Copies like 5 to 10 copies and sale it in college campus and its not a good looking and business thing but it will surely make some money for you to start of a new business so dont underestimate this Product value.

and while writing about the Product : This gadget has already 15,998 pledged backers and earned $3,390,551 . So what do you think.

well if this Idea seems suitable to you, then Don't wait and start Your business on a small scale and you can end up earning some good amount and always look out for new interesting Projects on Kick starters to keep up bringing Unique and useful and catchy products to your Customer's.


This part of the article is for those who don't want to invest any money and want to earn good from Internet.

So i have been looking into this topic as i am among You People :D well yeah for where we live cant invest more then 1000$ on anything innovative because market tends to change within days and People here are not that much obsessed with latest Techs and Gadgets.

So Typically on internet what you will find and what i have been made victimized for long time is, to read articles that talks about some bull**** stuff and selling out your own Plasma and Blood and to watch or fill out Online surveys.

So here is more Typical but sincere and better approach that guarantees you at least some Good Cash and that's only by Either to Go for social networks and tackle some Hot and trendy Topic and second is to Make a Blog on Niche that has been targeted on a minimal scale on search based in Google.

Tackling social networks

Facebook and Twitter Groups and Pages have a Good history of People making Money from it and i personally know a few of my Friends who are making handsome amount of money out of it but it is to make sure that user interaction has to be on large scale.


Making a Blog with Minimal Targeted Niche

Well you can find a lot of Videos on this topic so i am not discussing it that much and will let you know what are noticeably most important things that you need to focus while going for it.

Make up your mind for any Niche ( any specific Topic ) and Search it on Google, If there aren't any Official or Unofficial website for that, Then you are good to go. Blogger Basically is a free utility to make a free Blog/s. well i am not saying its the best becauseWordPress is way better according to most people.Now Pick up a proper User Inter phase and start writing Articles.

If this article helped you in any way then do share .



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