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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Biotech lab protocols

Biotech lab protocols

  • Bioethics Activities
    • Golden Rice Case Study (pdf)
  • Bt Corn vs the European Corn Borer (ECB) Activity, (pdf)
  • Chymosin Demonstration, (pdf)
  • DNA Extraction
    • Bacteria, (pdf)
    • Kiwi, (pdf)
    • Onion, (pdf)
    • Fruit Cup, (pdf)
    • DNA in My Food???–The Making of a Smoothie, (pdf)
  • DNA Fingerprinting, (pdf)
  • DNA Transformation of Bacteria
    • Ampicillin Resistant, (pdf)
    • Red Colony, (pdf)
    • Recombinant DNA: Dual Antibiotic-resistance Genes, (pdf)
    • Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP), (pdf)
  • Evolution of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, (pdf)
  • High Sucrose Soybean
    • Invertase Metabolism, teacher instructions, (pdf)
    • Invertase Metabolism, student instructions, (pdf)
    • Thin Layer Chromatography, teacher instructions, (pdf)
    • Thin Layer Chromatography, student instructions, (pdf)
  • Marker Assisted Selection of the K-Casein Allele, (pdf)
  • Pipettor Practice submitted by Jen Koenen, Hampton-Dumont High School, Hampton, Iowa, (pdf)
  • Plant Micropropagation Using African Violet Leaves, (pdf)
  • Plasmid Isolation and Analysis, (pdf)
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • QuickStix™ Strip Test
    • QuickStix™ Strip Test-Corn Leaf Tissue, (pdf)
    • QuickStix™ Strip Test-Corn Seed, (pdf)
    • QuickStix™ Strip Test-Roundup Ready® Soybeans, (pdf)
  • Soybean Flavor Demonstration, (pdf)
  • Soy Drink Protocol, (pdf)


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