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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Brain tumor related epileptic disorders

Diagnostic monitoring and modern technology based therapeutic strategies to manage the adverse effects

Tumor is a multifaceted, genetically complex disorder and the complications are further increased, when couple with some serious neural disturbances. 20-40% patients with brain tumor have been reported to suffer from different types of seizures.

Brain tumor related epilepsy (BTRE) are the most complicated neurological disorders for neuro-scientists and oncologists that demand intense molecular strategies and therapies to tackle the entangled cascade of neural network and at the same time there is need to understand the abnormal cellular architecture of cancerous cells in the brain. BTRE has also acquired multiple drug resistance (MDR) behavior, thus makes a challenge-able choice of anti-epileptic drug for physicians and also has adverse effect on the quality of life of the patients.

With the emergence of technological revolution in the modern clinical world, the onset of Nano-biotechnology and artificial intelligence has gain lot of interest and practical acceptance among scientific community. 

Recently couple of studies have been reported to use artificial neural network (ANN) for more precise diagnosis of epilepsy and to understand the clinical impact of human mutations with deep neural network system. There is a need to get maximum benefits from these emerging fields in parallel with biological advancements for the implication of treatment.

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