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Thursday, 13 December 2018


Stem cells have potential to differentiate into all types of cells depending upon need of the cell. Therefore , stem cells are considered main source for regeneration and replacement of damaged cells. But it is confirmed that aging has negative impact on development of stem cells.

Skeletal muscle cells have capacity to regenerate and replace damaged parts of muscle cells.The potential of satellite cells deminishes with the onset of aging. It disturbs the normal function of B and T cells.

The process of aging reduces the stem cells function. Neural stem cells (NSCs) which are responsible for replenishment of new neurons i.e maintaining brain function , starts to cause neurodegenerative diseases within the onset of aging.

Aging of skin:-

 There are various reasons of aging specifically when it relates to molecular and cellular level. The factors are supposed to involve in aging of skin are genetration of ROS , utraoviolet rays, smoking ,contamination and due to disturbace in metabolism. ROS promotes mechanism of gene expression resulting in collagen degeneration and aggre gation of elastin.moreover, ROS enhances the activation of matrix degenerating metalloproteases while suppresses the TIMP .

Stem cells have potential to differentiate into all types of cells depending upon need of the cell.

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