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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

New vice chancellor of Uog

In The Name of Allah,the Ever Gracious,the Most Merciful
In today’s modern world marked with information technology, knowledge-based economies and scientific progress, education has become a corner stone for the progress and prosperity of nations and individuals alike. I must admit that if we look at the short history of the University of Gujrat, it has achieved a miraculous success in reaching far-flung and underserved areas of Gujranwala division. Looking objectively at its achievements, there has been a tremendous impact on the gender inclusive education because a majority of our students are females from rural background. Since the university is located in a caste-ridden district with relatively lower levels of literacy; it naturally faces some unique challenges as well. However, whatever it has achieved owes due acknowledgement to previous leadership for tireless administration of a complex bureaucratic structure.
Nonetheless, this is my firm belief that teamwork, prudence, self-discipline and devotion are some of the elements of continuity that we should observe as a practice and as our organizational culture.  I believe that each one of you, from students to faculty, staff to directors and from gardeners to the guardians is a part of my team to achieve our strategic goals as a public sector university. We have to keep on expanding our horizons, but not at the expense of quality and academic excellence.
Hence we expect to have more faculties with doctorate as terminal degree, we plan to have more PhD programs, because research is the hallmark of any academic institution. As to the elements of change while as your administrator, I expect congruency and moral integrity yet any unfounded act of defamation against public servants will not be tolerated. My experience as an administrator has convinced me that this kind of practices disrupts social capital and trust which are central to the success of academic organisations.
Most importantly, to my beloved students, I would say that a conventional greeting would be too ritualistic because challenges we face as a nation are grave, hopes are lurid, turmoil of every sort surround us all.However, there is a light of hope that we need to cherish, and it is the beautiful and determined youth of Pakistan. Future of any nation heavily depends upon the youth and their role in nation building and economic development. So my message to you all is that don’t let yourself be over- impressed by the grandiosity of this campus, don’t let yourself be swayed by the mystic infrastructure. These buildings and this infrastructure are at your service because you are the flag holders of the nation. Be in love but with the wisdom and skills that you have a chance to get. Those of you who return back home in the evening don’t go back if not after learning something that you can put at your own service and the service of your nation. Don’t let your dreams just be dreams,strive hard to cultivate in yourselves a truly scientific attitude, hence think beyond the obvious and read between the lines. Remember where other people face challenges, a scientist transform them in opportunities.Wrapping up with the slogan that merit shall not be compromised at any cost.  
Prof. Dr. Zia ul Qayyum


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