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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Gut Microbiome and Dementia

Dementia basically a sort of symptoms that corresponding thinking skills, everyday performance of person and memory. It is infect a neuro-cognitive disorder. Alzheimer’s disease is almost its common cause. It is said that Dementia can’t be cure completely.

Role Of Gut Microbiome in Dementia:-

1.Nervous system disease, Neuro-inflammation and gut microbiome are closely related.

2. Neurotoxic metabolites D-lactic Acid and Ammonia processed by bacterial enzymes.

3.Human antigen and bacterial proteins cross-react with each other to vitalizing defective reactions of adaptive Immune Response.

4.The neurotransmittors and harmones made from gut microbes are similar to humans. Becterial growth for Harmones developed virulence and growth of microbes.

5. Clostridium difficile increased the chances of infections.

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