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Monday, 25 May 2015

Must Read Instructions before applying for Scholarships

Dear all, Master Scholarships in South Korea, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Turkey, HEC in every field which you can try for. See details
1) South Korea
Dear all members, who are looking for Masters and PhD Scholarships.
It is your time to contact professors in universities and trying for professor/university Scholarship in South Korea . How ??
See these lectures first, especially first lecture is MUST
Then read these 05 files
(i) Scholarship guide for South Korea:
(ii) How to contact supervisor :
(iii) How to search for articles, professors:
(iv) Example of a bad email..
(v) Resume Sample:
Then find universities in Korea and apply…/List_of_universities_and_colleges…
As much effort as you will do. You will have chance to get scholarship
2) Australia
Masters and PhD Scholarships at Australia . You can try to contact professors in Australia and trying to convince him/her to take you as Master or PhD students
After acceptance/professor positive response, you apply for admission in university
Then you apply for these own scholarships and these given below
IPRS (International Research Postgraduate Scholarships)
APA (Australian Postgraduate Awards)
Endeavor Awards
University own research scholarships
Different Funding agencies
Database to search for scholarships in Australia :
Read details here
3) Netherlands
Master Scholarships in Netherlands
Almost all universities have thier own excellence scholarships but they are very competetive
Some Scholarships for Masters
Amandus H. Lundqvist Scholarship Program (ALSP) at TU/e
Anne van den Ban Scholarship Foundation Wageningen University
The Dairy Science & Technology Fellowship for dairy sciences students Wageningen University
Nico Buisman Fund Wageningen University
Justus & Louise Van Effen Scholarships TU Delft
Delft Research Initiative (DRI) Scholarships
TU Delft Institutes Scholarships
Radboud Scholarship Programme, Radboud University Nijmegen
Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP)
A good website to search for Master Scholarships
Read Details here
4) Turkey
University Based Master Scholarships Turkey
Try to look for universities in Turkey
Apply for universities own Master Scholarships
For details see this video Lecture
University Based Scholarships
5) Denmark
Master Degree Scholarships in Denmark
Few Universities offer Master Scholarships
For details. See these lectures by Ali
6) HEC Pakistan
HEC often annouces MS leading to PhD Scholarships
Do NTS GAT with good marks for example more than 80 as soon as possible
Keep checking HEC websites and apply as they announce

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