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Friday, 1 May 2015

what students need

This Post is purely dedicated to student's those who either want something on this blog or they need assistance in downloading Ebooks and Research Article's .

I have been looking on to some missing element's where we can focus our attention to ....

We merely have any entertainment, activities or thought proving discussion. (even the sports gala is postponed for so many time's ).

So What I need is student's engaging into such thing's like we have HSBB now working Actively and has organized successfully some Program's including interdepartmental sports Gala, that i really appreciate but we need to work on some other things too.

We should engage student's on individual level to stand up and participate.

We can do some Brain storming and come up with a Discussion Forum's at the end of every Month ( please don't choose boring topic's for that ).

Asking Question's lead's to brain storming and here is where we get idea's from.

I am also a student so i can feel what student's feel after long and tiresome schedule, what i mean here is ask student's for what is there opinion and it's not alway's necessary their point of view is right but the thing what matters is student feel overwhelmed .

If you want some thing on this blog else then education Feel free to comment down below :D . 

A Quote i would love to share
Free Speech is what we believe in but we all have set double standard's. 


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