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Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Remember the Step's for Tomorrow

BS 2nd

  1. Required Things 
  2. water 45ml
  3. soap 5ml  (dna is in nuclei and cell wall protects it and these are fat rich molecules, so we add soap to dissolve fat)
  4. salt 1 tea spoon (it seprates dna from histone proteins)
  5. iso propanol 5ml
  6. blood 5 drops 
  7. filter paper

  • Add 45 ml dist water to a beaker and add 5ml of soap (detergent) in it and mix it. then add 1 spoon of salt in it and mix it again.
  • now add 5 drops of blood and mix it again.
  • filter it and add 10ml of iso prpanol in it 
  • As the dna is soluable in water and does'nt dissolves in alcohol , precipitates of dna will we found the surface of the solution.


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