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Friday, 5 February 2016

Australian scholarships for LA Trobe University

LA Trobe University Australia funded graduate and post graduate scholarships

La Trobe University in Australia offer the undergraduate and post graduate scholarships. Scholarships are awarded on their academic records.

Scholarships amount:

La Trobe the academic excellence scholarships (AES) cover the tuition fees for brilliant students. La Trobe offers the scholarships at the undergraduate and post graduate level. The amount of the scholarship is between $10.000 and $20,000. These scholarships are paid across  a minimum of two semester(or 12 months)

Target students: applicant must be a citizen of a country other than Australia or new Zealand

LAST date for Apply: Students can apply 3 times in a year.

Students can apply before 11 September, 2015, 13 november2015, and 8 January 2016.

Area of Subject: Scholarships are offered in the subject of business school MBA scholarship.

La Trobe University offers 10 scholarships ($ 10,000 each) in a master of business administration (MBA) program. The scholarships are distributed equally across registered students for the duration of the course.

Last deadline: Students can apply before 24 October 2016.

Post graduate international research scheme (IPRS) and LA Trobe university fee remission research scholarship (LTUFRRS) will be offer to the Australian students as well as international students.

The IPRS and LTUFRRS are open to the international students who want to pursue their degree by research at a master’s or PHD level. They cover the tuition fee for two years for master by research degree and three years by the PHD doctoral degree.

Both scholarships are awarded on the academic merit, and application must have efficiency on English language. International students can apply for these scholarships when they submit their admission application in La Trobe university.

Last deadline: students can apply before 30 September 2016.

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