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Friday, 25 March 2016

Slow Death

Sometime things happen and they happen for Good. I was a chain Smoker and believe me when i say it, I mean it. Well Slow Death title is just a way to get attention but you should not take it for granted if you are a smoker then it actually is killing you in many ways and if you may inquire how then simply watch out for diet plans and if you feel better after smoking or if you it helps you in digestion ( well this one even sounds absurd to me ) or you are losing patience somehow, if any of the symptoms are in you then you are surely falling in my Category of people who are slowly falling for their demise, risking their own as well as others health too.

I might tell you that I been recently introduced to smoking by my friends and it was in Sept 2014 when i started. It is not that i ever wished for it but it happened cause helped me to relax my nerves down, but i was so wrong well i am not into creating Euphoria for non smokers because i might be an exception and who know's its helping others to focus etc.
<h2>The Story</h2>
Let me tell you my brief story.

We witness some unusual incidents that change our way of life styles or if i might say our way of thinking, I happen to witness such an incident and it really shocked me and made me think of what i am doing is the same thing but its just way slower.

It was 13 Jan 2016 and about 11:20 am as i was on my job and felt that i should have a brunch. So i decided to go to the cafeteria which is just minute walk away. I was with a colleague of mine when it happened. We were deciding then what to have for our brunch when from no a brawl started near me like maximum 10 steps from me. I just watched it for 10 seconds when i decided to end up the brawl. As i approached it seemed to me as if it was merely a friend fight but the guy was shouting "Spit the F*ck out" again and again and it all became clear to me in a jiffy. He had taken sleeping pills or the toxic thing or whatever i dont care but now i had to rush me to the first Aid center before the Ambulance could come to us any thing could have happen and so we (I and the guy's friend ) rushed to the First Aid center.
<h2>What its like to be the Part of a system</h2>
Well i noticed i was the only one from outside to conceive that he had took anything toxic. and no one was willing to help him, strange but its the truth and Frankly speaking i was told to become a part of it.

He took almost 6 of those pills which couldn't identify but anyway he was injected with a Drip and later he was shifted to ambulance.
<h2>Being Human</h2>
i don't know what happened next but i played my role as being human.

But it made me think that i am going to same condition one step closer everyday. So i decided not to smoke anymore and at least put it to my occasional category.

If you want to quit smoking then you just need to go to the hospital for once watch the dying patients and then just watch for cigarettes could do to you in the next couple of years.


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