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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Some interesting Biotech kickstarter projects

We, The students of Biotechnology and Biochemistry and Molecular biology have a tendency to worry  about the Jobs availability. So i have come up with bunch of projects / startups that have hit the Market and in no time they have got huge success which is amazing, So by watching them, if you are that good in your field, you can come up with your own idea and who knows you can be the next big thing.

Here are few of top most rated startups.

OpenPCR - open source biotech on you desktop

About this project: An OpenPCR machine which is capable of copying DNA. Project is basically to make open source designs and kits so anyone can do PCR at their desktop, garage, hackerspace, or community lab for $400 or less

Project has made over 12,000$ which sounds good enough.

Created by -- Tito and Josh

#2 - BioCurious : A Hackerspace for Biotech. The Community Lab for Citizen Science

About this project: BioCurious is the World’s First Hackerspace for Bio, Built in the Heart of Silicon Valley.

See the Video : Click Here

Project has made $35,319


This Startup Project has amazed me with its Automated machines that will really help any researcher with completing his work efficiently and much faster then ever.

Project has made $126,694 

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There are many more in the list and i ll be sharing more soon.


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