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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

DNA Replication with Animation - Super EASY

1:starts with histones wrapping dna around makingup nuclesome
2:nucleosomes are then packaged into a thread, here fiber made is called chromatin
further process of coiling result in Chromosomes

DNA Replication
1:dna replication starth with helicase enzymes which acts as scissors
2:single stranded dna binding proteins keep dna from reannealing
5'---->3' is leading strand
3:dna polymerase 3 is used to make new DNA simply while at lagging strand
4:it is formed in pieces called okazaki fragments
3'------>5' is Lagging strand.
4-a:First an RNA Primase lay down RNA Primer
4-b:Then DNA ploumerase III lays down the new dna. This process repeats again and again
5:Dna polymerase I replaces the RNA Primer with DNA
6:Finally DNA ligase links the okazaki fragments



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