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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

EPIGENETICS The heart of future biology

EPIGENETICS The heart of future biology

Epigenetic is the modern technique which involves the changes in the expression of the gene without change in the basic DNA sequence that determines the correct order of nucleotides with chromosomes and genome. Epigenetics research includes the appliance of strong alteration techniques for DNA.

Epigenetics is associated with DNA modification or protein modification. It includes histone modification, DNA methylation as well as chromatin modification. These modification effects the regulation of gene expression. 

It generally takes information from the nucleus of eukaryotic cells (having the nucleus in the cells) and packed that information. One of the examples of the epigenetic is the DNA methylation which is done by adding a methyl group to the cytosine. Methylation is a controlled process because of an enzyme that is methyltransferase in cell division
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