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Friday, 15 May 2015

Pakistan got talent !! Painter singing

Pakistan got talent !! Painter singing

It not alway's has to be just the studies you must also get some time for fun and explore the what's in the trend .
Recently a Painter from Pakistan got his video uploaded onto youtube and got guess what it has gone viral in Pakistan .
Here is the video 

A painter in Pakistan singing Sajjad Ali's song har zulm tera yaad hai .

It's not the first time that a working class  Pakistani proved his/her talent onto the world ,  The Road girls got fame by the name of beiber girls before this one , a local kid in KPK at the age of about 12 was answering medical student's answer's with ease and with bare hand a local guy was cooking jalebee (A type of sweet in Pakistan and India) and many more .
Its going viral in Pakistan
pakistani Painter singing


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