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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Poll Result for the whose was the most difficult Paper

A Poll was conducted on last Wednesday according to which, whose was the most difficult Paper among the All the Teacher's in the BMB faculty
Poll Result are here according to which

Dr Amber has got 7 votes whereas over all percentage is 36% .Dr Amber is considered by the majority students to make the most difficult paper among all. 

Dr Kalsoom stood 2nd getting 4 votes 

Where as Dr Nadia & Sir Naeem Got 3 3 votes 

Name            Vote       Percentage
Sir Naeem      3                               (15%)
Dr Umer         0                                (0%)
Sir Javed        0                                (0%)
Sir Awais       2                               (10%)
Dr Zahid        0                               (0%)
Dr Irshad        0                              (0%)
Dr Kalsoom   4                               (21%)
Dr Nadia           3                               (15%)
Dr Amber        7                                (36%)

(It was a poll conducted by Blog Administration, but Blog Administration does not have to agree with the poll result's )

poll results


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