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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sample questions for metabolism

(1) A 2-year-old black girl was referred to the hematologist after her pediatrician found her to be severely anemic with splenomegaly and jaundice. Her mother gave a possible history of a “ blood problem” in her family but did not know for sure. Her hemoglobin electrophoresis was normal, and the complete blood count (CBC) revealed a normocytic anemia. The platelet and white blood cell counts were normal. On the peripheral smear, there were many bizarre erythrocytes, including spiculated cells. A diagnosis of pyruvate kinase deficiency was made. What is the underlying biochemical mechanism for this disorder?

(Q-2) A diet has been promoted few years back with claim that this could reduce body weight upto 10 Kg in a week. This diet is composed of geletain (protein) and water. With use of this diet all type of other food sources are prohibited to take. With use of this diet, number of individuals have reduced their body weight dramatically but some consumers also have developed Kidney problems with use of this diet. Is there any rational link between diet and kidney failure.

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