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Friday, 24 July 2015

Its not just us, world is searching bmb blog

Since we started, we had came across several ups and down's but now the Great thing is people are searching from allover the world and specially across the border, India is also among the leading top three countries to search our Blog. 
And we are also ranking up in a classical speed, It's not to far when our blog shall rank among the top Educational Blogs of the World.
IN Global rank icon          : 1,362,774

IN Pakistan Flag     : 17,170
Look at the stats in these Images and see for your self the results .

India Clearly Leads as far as Google searches are concerned You can search it BMB UOG And our Blog is at the first page  

In this image the Light green color means that the particular country is searching less while darker are more searching it via Google Ukraine is leading with India Fallowing 


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