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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Environmental biotechnology

Envoirmental biotechnology

 Environmental Biotechnology has come up at present time in its efforts to clean up our environment because our environment over the year has become a repository for dozen of chemical and the main purpose of this technology is to introduce Eco-friendly techniques which involve the use of microorganism. 

Environmental Biotechnology is extremely important constituent of the scientific and engineering tools which are required to handle environmental issues. This technology absorbs additional elucidation of biological principles that are bases of environmental engineering. 

Environmental biotechnology hang on a systematized overlook of dozen factors having a part in when organism used to resolve our environmental issues. For example, fungus is used for the treating unhealthy waste that comes from industries specifically paper making industry. By using this technology, we can more fruitfully clean up unhealthy chemical instead of using prevailing methods which greatly dis-rate our dependence for clean up on methodology which is burning process or waste dump sites.

We can say biotechnology is not a new technique to treat waste material. Most of the population already depends upon microbes, bacteria and microorganism to treat waste. Much of the bacteria survive on chemical material and few organism feed on toxic material. Environmental engineer apply different techniques to treat waste one of them is to add bacteria at hazardous place bacteria then eat waste and produce harmless byproduct (bioremediation)

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